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On lifesteal, make the spawner placement limit kingdom based
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jericosw Admin Member
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26 days ago

In-Game Name (IGN): jerico_mc

Discord Tag: jerico_mc

Suggestion Title: On lifesteal, make the spawner placement limit kingdom based (rather than player based)

Suggestion Category: Gameplay, Economy

Description: Currently we are limited to placing 5 spawners per player. Change that to 4 per kdom with just a king/queen, and raise it by 4 for each member added. The limit should also be lowered by 4 for each member kicked.

Pros: Makes it easier for one or two players to be in charge of spawner farm construction, espeically if kdom members are on at very different times.

Cons: Could be very hard to impliment and avoid exploiting of the rule. 

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Disclaimer: By submitting this suggestion, I acknowledge that it is voluntary, and SiphonMC holds the right to review, modify, or reject the suggestion as deemed necessary. I understand that this is a community-driven process, and I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the server.

Senby Owner
Admin Moderator Member
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22 days ago


Spawner limits goign to be a changing thing, it will change again in the future based on what we see. But right now nothings changing.

The 4 limit and 5 limit and not mixing is all being tested and decided on changing etc.

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SiphonMC Owner