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Senby Admin Moderator Member
AntonioBannerman 24 days ago
Senby I am truly sorry for hacking. I would never of had it and can easily delete it if needed. I really hope u can unban my account because I never hacked, I just had a hacked client. I am truly sorry I never wanted to get banned twice and I hope this apology makes u change your mind or at least lower my time a little I love this server and don't want to be banned from it again Pls forgive me and accept this ban appeal to unban/lower my ban.
Mmmmmgoodname 27 days ago
Hi i was banned about a hour or two ago for " Griefing/Building inappropriately". I was only doing so on un-claimed land and that i was being a fool my friend and i did not know that we where disrupting others. my other friend was contently trying to ban us even when we stopped he just said he was going to get me banned . he kept following me. i know what i did is wrong but will not keep doing this. i will only build not inappropriately and follow all rules. Thank you
OliveOil6056 about 1 month ago
Hi senby I was banned for saying "Goodnight gangy gang" and " N word" In my defense I didnt know that either of those were bannable and I am mainly confused because why ban not mute? If I am unbanned mute me so that you can still keep it under control, so to summarize you unban me but keep me muted until you see fit, i know its not the best solution but why not a mute in the first place
.Arhaamplayzz about 1 month ago
Hi senbyI got banned for griefingThe issue got resolved earlier I gave the player all the stuff I had and payed him 2.57m for the stuff I soldAnd as for that I also gave my cosmic sword and bunch of everything to 0sh4 the player who was griefed said he forgaved me and the matter was solved and 0sh4 was my teammates so me and 0sh4 both shared our bases
AntonioBannerman about 1 month ago
Hi Senby my username is AntonioBannerman I am verry sorry for placing blocks in an area where I was not able to I will not do it ever again I really think that me doing that shouldn't be a 20 day ban I hope u can unban me or lower the ban atleast 10 days or below because I am truly sorry for my mistake I now know how bad it really is and I would never do it again so I would love to keep playing siphon
Gouhly 5 months ago
Hello owner im am sorry for what i did username is gouhly what i did was wrong and it will never happen again I hope you can give me another chance I love playing on your server its great.
.RishabDas7464 5 months ago
Respected, Owner "Senby" I requested to unban me please,I was ban sence 2 month please unban me. My Minecraft username is .RishabDas7464,please unban me.
.RishabDas7464 5 months ago
Respected, Owner "Senby" I requested to unban me please,I was ban sence 2 month please unban me. My Minecraft username is .RishabDas7464,please unban me.
Gouhly 5 months ago
Hey username is Gouhly i was just ban for mute evading but i have no idea what you are talking about i never knew i was muted. this is a mistake and if not please show me evidence otherwise i would please like to be unbanned
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Incorrect format.


add more than 100 levels 16 days ago


Spawner limits goign to be a changing thing, it will change again in the future based on what we see. But right now nothings changing.

The 4 limit and 5 limit and not mixing is all being tested and decided on changing etc.

On lifesteal, make the spawner placement limit kingdom based 22 days ago

We dont transfer accounts.

You can geyser link, outside that we cannot help.

Account info Transfer 29 days ago

Flint to Feathers - ill change this eventually
Prismarine Crystals to Prismarine Shards - ill change this eventually
Blaze Powder to Pufferfish - no

Swap some items in the kingdom outpost shop about 1 month ago