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Swap some items in the kingdom outpost shop
jericosw Admin Member
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about 1 month ago

In-Game Name (IGN): jerico_mc

Discord Tag: jerico_sw

Suggestion Title: Swap some items in the kingdom outpost shop

Suggestion Category: Economy & Other

Description: In the kingdom outpost shop, swap:

Flint to Feathers
Prismarine Crystals to Prismarine Shards
Blaze Powder to Pufferfish

Pros: Makes the outpost shop better by providing hard/boring to farm items instead of those that we can get in the regular /shop
(we can get flint by buying gravel, crystals by buying sealanterns, and there are already blaze rods in the outpost for powder)

Cons: May make the outpost too good, some of these items should maybe be rtp-only. You dont have to swap all that I suggest, but I hope you agree to some of them.

Additional Comments: Lovin' the new nations game mode for LS S4

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Disclaimer: By submitting this suggestion, I acknowledge that it is voluntary, and SiphonMC holds the right to review, modify, or reject the suggestion as deemed necessary. I understand that this is a community-driven process, and I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the server.


Last edited: about 1 month ago
Senby Owner
Admin Moderator Member
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Discord: senby8
about 1 month ago

Flint to Feathers - ill change this eventually
Prismarine Crystals to Prismarine Shards - ill change this eventually
Blaze Powder to Pufferfish - no

SiphonMC Owner