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SiphonMC is a unique and engaging Minecraft server that provides a fun and satisfying experience for players passionate about PVP, survival & exploration.
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In-Game Name : mody3142


Discord Tag:anas31426


Suggestion Title: more fun at all the world


Suggestion Category: (Please choose from: Gameplay, Economy, Events, Plugins, Quality of Life, Other)


Description: Provide a detailed description of your suggestion. Explain the idea, how it enhances the server, and any potential benefits.

 like you know like alotf contrys play this server yes and all contrys have not the same time of usa and like the players live in usa like is still want to fight boss like want kill alotf of him

Pros: List the positive aspects or improvements your suggestion would bring to the server.

 like is get more fight whit boss and make like is more fun

Cons: Consider and list any potential drawbacks or challenges that may arise from implementing your suggestion.

 like isnt i think isnt any cons

Additional Comments: Include any extra information or thoughts you have regarding your suggestion.

 i dont have

Attachments: (If applicable, include screenshots, images, or any other media that supports or clarifies your suggestion.)

 like nno lol




Disclaimer: By submitting this suggestion, I acknowledge that it is voluntary, and SiphonMC holds the right to review, modify, or reject the suggestion as deemed necessary. I understand that this is a community-driven process, and I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the server.





pls we want more fun 16 days ago