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In-Game Name (IGN): ItsDuckiie

Discord Tag: ItsDuckiie

Suggestion Title: Kingdom Fly

Suggestion Category: Gameplay

Description: Right now, under the permissions for ranks in the kingdoms there is an option to allow members access to /k fly but it does not work. I am making this suggestion to allow us to have access to k fly while in our kingdom lands. 


  • Allows us to have better sorted out kingdoms
  • Easier for building as you cant hover in place when using an elytra
  • Flying is fun.


  • Unknown.

 Additional Comments: I am aware that if we have /k fly turned on, and we get attacked on our kingdom lands then we can just fly away - but you could make it so that if we are in combat it disables our ability to fly.

Kingdom Fly 18 days ago

I agree, I've been meaning to make a suggestion for a custom tag as well :)

For a custom tag though im thinking it would be more than 940 as its custom, and well it would be not of regular quality so I was thinking maybe 1200 or 1500 coins. If its custom its obviously wanted so people would save their coins and spend it.

Custom tag 18 days ago

To comment on the "Potential for Overuse: Players may choose inappropriate or excessive emojis" - This could be prevented if we had a gui with a select amount of approved emojis to choose from or a way to unlock approved emojis with coins in the /coinshop.

I know it takes away from the players being allowed to "choose the emoji they want" but it would be an added measure to prevent any inappropriateness. 

Prestige System for High-Level Players 18 days ago

I agree with this
5 Glowberrys currently only give 1 RP so even if they were in the shop to sell them for even like 50cents a berry would be cool!

Add glow berries to LS /shop 2 months ago

In-Game Name: RubberDuckiie

Discord Tag: RubberDuckiie

Suggestion Title: Adding Glow berries to shop for buying and selling. 

Suggestion Category: Gameplay & Economy

Description: I think that Glow Berries should be added to the shop for both buying and selling purposes, listing at a buy price the same as the Sweet Berry ($8 per) and maybe selling for $2-$3 per. They are hard to get safely so it would make them a little easier to get. Since torches and lanterns are both considered "blocks" by game standards, not only could they be good for farming but as light sources also.

Glow Berrys 6 months ago