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Welcome to Siphonmc!
SiphonMC is a unique and engaging Minecraft server that provides a fun and satisfying experience for players passionate about PVP, survival & exploration.
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MinsTheCatgirl Introduction
MinutesToMins Member
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10 months ago

Hi, I've been here awhile now. Figured I should probably write one of these by now. If you've played on the Survival section of the server, you've probably seen me. I'm Mins, a helper for SiphonMC. I'm a 22 year old trans girl that has loved games her whole life and hopes to get the chance to play many more. I actually found this server through my girlfriend and soon it became my go-to server for Minecraft gaming and hanging out. I hope that we can get along and that I'll be around for a long time to come. I'm very grateful to have this opportunity.

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SnallestShelf Moderator Member
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Discord: SnallestShelf
10 months ago

yay hi mins


Senby Owner
Admin Moderator Member
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Discord: senby8
9 months ago


SiphonMC Owner

BeastDaFluff Member
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9 months ago

Welcome mins!