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Welcome to Siphonmc!
SiphonMC is a unique and engaging Minecraft server that provides a fun and satisfying experience for players passionate about PVP, survival & exploration.
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SMP Building Competition
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12 months ago

🌟 Announcing the SiphonMC Coolest Builds Contest! 🚧


📅 Cutoff Date(all builds must be entered and done by): 8/20

🌐 Location: Survival Server 

⏰ Time: 5:00 PM EST

🌐 Server IP: play.siphonMC.net


Are you a master architect? A creative visionary? It's time to bring out your building skills for our spectacular Coolest Builds Contest! We're looking for the most unique, creative, and impressive builds on our server.


🏆 Coolest Builds:

Your imagination is your only limit! Whether it's a floating castle, an underground city, or a futuristic skyscraper, we want to see your coolest creations. The top five coolest builds will be selected and awarded exciting prizes!


🎁 Rewards:

1️⃣ First Place: $50 voucher to the siphon store + $300k in-game + 3 Omega Keys + 2 epic

2️⃣ Second Place: $40 voucher to the siphon store + $200k in-game + 2 Omega Keys & 2 Epic

3️⃣ Third Place: $25 voucher to the siphon store + $100k in-game  + 2 Omega Keys

4️⃣ Fourth Place: $10 voucher to the siphon store + $50k in-game  + 1 Omega Key

5️⃣ Fifth Place: $10 voucher to the siphon store + $50k in-game + 1 Epic key!


📢 To enter the contest, simply react to this message in our Discord server. By doing so, your name will be added to a list for our admins to teleport to your build, even if you're not online. This ensures that all eligible builds get the attention they deserve. https://discord.gg/siphonMC


✨ Here at SiphonMC, we celebrate creativity and are always amazed by the incredible talents of our community. We can't wait to see your innovative and artistic builds in this contest! Ready your tools, gather your materials, and let the building begin!


🌟 Good luck, builders! May the coolest builds win! 🌟

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