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Plushies in crates
XBumblex Moderator Member
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11 days ago

In-Game Name (IGN): xBumblex


Discord Tag: Bumble5522


Suggestion Title: Plushies in crates


Suggestion Category: (Please choose from: Gameplay, Economy, Events, Plugins, Quality of Life, Other)

Quality of life


Description: Provide a detailed description of your suggestion. Explain the idea, how it enhances the server, and any potential benefits.

The Christmas plushies are really popular and I think it would be a great addition to put a plushie in each new crate. Something that matches the theme of the crate. 


Pros: List the positive aspects or improvements your suggestion would bring to the server.

I think this would encourage people to strive for the crate keys more and could boost the server economy a little bit with new custom items to collect. 


Cons: Consider and list any potential drawbacks or challenges that may arise from implementing your suggestion.

It would take a little more work for devs or creators to make a plushie to match the crate set. I'm not sure what other cons there are. 


Additional Comments: Include any extra information or thoughts you have regarding your suggestion.

Plushies are fun and a single one per crate could be a lot of fun for the players. 


Attachments: (If applicable, include screenshots, images, or any other media that supports or clarifies your suggestion.)




Disclaimer: By submitting this suggestion, I acknowledge that it is voluntary, and SiphonMC holds the right to review, modify, or reject the suggestion as deemed necessary. I understand that this is a community-driven process, and I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the server.