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Kingdom Fly
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RubberDuckiie Moderator Member
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Discord: Duckiie
18 days ago

In-Game Name (IGN): ItsDuckiie

Discord Tag: ItsDuckiie

Suggestion Title: Kingdom Fly

Suggestion Category: Gameplay

Description: Right now, under the permissions for ranks in the kingdoms there is an option to allow members access to /k fly but it does not work. I am making this suggestion to allow us to have access to k fly while in our kingdom lands. 


  • Allows us to have better sorted out kingdoms
  • Easier for building as you cant hover in place when using an elytra
  • Flying is fun.


  • Unknown.

 Additional Comments: I am aware that if we have /k fly turned on, and we get attacked on our kingdom lands then we can just fly away - but you could make it so that if we are in combat it disables our ability to fly.

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Senby Owner
Admin Moderator Member
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Discord: senby8
11 days ago

Ive been debating this for a while. Still unsure

SiphonMC Owner