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Custom tag
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Vadim_iudean Member
6 posts
5 topics
Discord: o_l_x
about 1 month ago

Can i get a custom tag for 940 coins on LS



RubberDuckiie Moderator Member
11 posts
5 topics
Discord: Duckiie
19 days ago

I agree, I've been meaning to make a suggestion for a custom tag as well :)

For a custom tag though im thinking it would be more than 940 as its custom, and well it would be not of regular quality so I was thinking maybe 1200 or 1500 coins. If its custom its obviously wanted so people would save their coins and spend it.

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wittykitty69 Member
12 posts
9 topics
Discord: 1041527009223917719
18 days ago

I Agree custom Tags should be add although this should be put in the correct format but either way if where discussing prices why stop at 1200-1500 they should be at least 3000 as its a rarity to own one plus considering the monetization coming with it


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Senby Owner
Admin Moderator Member
167 posts
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Discord: senby8
11 days ago


SiphonMC Owner